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 Wellness Policy 


Trinity Lutheran School is committed to creating a healthy school environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activities that support student achievement.


Nutrition Education:

  • Throughout the school year, students in grades K-8 will receive nutrition education that will involve knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors they need to adopt healthy and enjoyable eating habits that last a lifetime.

  • Trinity Lutheran School’s administration and teachers will provide to the students proper nutrition instructional information through the food service program as well as in the classroom. Some of this information will be provided on the monthly menus from School District #25 with additional information from the WY child nutrition and USDA websites distributed in the classrooms and on the weekly newsletters.

Physical Education:

  • Students in grades K-8 will receive physical education throughout the year. The physical education program will include physical activities and information teaching students a) to articulate that physical activity for a lifetime is vital to a healthy and well-rounded life and b) to describe healthful benefits that result from regular and appropriate participation in physical activity.

  • The school shall provide elementary students the opportunity to participate in supervised, unstructured activity time during daily recesses.

  • Physical activity opportunities will focus on individual activities in addition to competitive and non-competitive team participation.

Participation in the hot lunch program:

  • Trinity Lutheran School shall ensure that the reimbursable school meals served at St. Margaret’s School, as provided by School District #25, meet the program requirements and nutritional standards found in federal regulations.  Trinity Lutheran School will also monitor all food and beverages sold in the school.

  • To Promote Student Wellness:

  • Any concerns about obesity, eating disorders or other nutrition-related health problems among students will be referred to the parents.

Review of the Wellness Policy:

  • The school’s administrator shall ensure compliance with this policy. Input from Trinity’s Wellness Committee, which includes representation from parents, the school board, Trinity’s food service personnel, head teacher, and teachers, will be considered before implementing any rules or changes.

Revised  2014